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Announcement: CLLC Conference

Updated: Mar 23, 2018

The organizers of the Conference on Language, Learning, and Culture invite you to attend our 5th annual conference, with the theme of Making Research Matter: Motivated Inquiry for Actionable Insights (April 6-7, 2018, at Virginia International University in Fairfax, VA, USA).

CLLC 2018 seeks to involve a diverse group of educators, researchers, policy-makers, community members, and others in multidirectional conversations regarding how we can work together to make our research endeavors as productive and meaningful as possible for a wide variety of potential stakeholders.

Our Keynote and Plenary speakers include:

  • Dr. Judith Eaton, President of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, on Inquiry to Promote Effective Practices in Higher Education: Taking Advantage of Actionable Insights from the Accreditation Process

  • Dr. Jennifer Leeman, Professor at George Mason University, on Language Teaching for Social Justice: A Critical Pedagogical Approach

For abstracts, please visit our Plenary Speakers page:

Other useful links:

If you are interested in volunteering in exchange for free registration, or if you will be traveling and would like to share a hotel room with another conference attendee, please email Rebecca Sachs at

If you have any other questions about the conference, please contact Kevin Martin (Associate Dean, School of Education) at

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